7:40 am Registration and Coffee

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Lana Crouse Regional Director, U.S. Market Transformation & Development, U.S. Green Building Council


8:40 am Recycling & Reusing Materials to Manage, Minimize & Eliminate Waste Onsite


  • Coordinating with local authorities to understand recycling regulations and ensure waste is correctly recycled
  • Uncovering different diversion methods available for subsequent recycling or reuse to eliminate construction waste and demolition debris, whilst also reducing costs
  • Working with vendors and third-party waste management services to manage diversion methods

9:20 am Adopting Lean Principles Into your Construction Strategy to Reduce Material, & Energy Waste While Saving Costs

  • Jack Statham Lean & Sustainability Specialist, Chandos Construction


  • Uncovering how effective planning and material management can minimize resource depletion and costs
  • Creating a lean collaborative framework with suppliers to limit overproduction of materials.
  • Building a lean culture within your organization to maximize employee driven improvements that drive efficient material and energy use, while advancing decarbonization strategies and reducing costs

10:00 am Discussing the Reuse of Building Elements: From Whole Building to Individual Materials

  • Patty Lloyd Director of Sustainability, Leopardo Companies
  • Rand Ekman Chief Sustainability Officer, Principal, HKS Architects
  • Anne Nicklin Director of Workforce Training & Deconstruction Services, Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse


  • Conducting a feasibility study to determine whether a retrofit project is a viable option
  • Explaining why salvaged and reused existing building stock should be a last resource for your project
  • Harnessing lessons learned from previous projects: What could be done differently to further improve this approach?

10:40 am
Morning Refreshments


11:20 am Audience Discussion: Building the Business Case With Senior Leadership for Prioritizing Embodied Carbon Initiatives to Invest in More Resources


  • Convincing senior management of the importance of decarbonization as a top priority
  • Exploring the most impactful resources and actions senior management can provide to support your low-carbon plan
  • Assessing the main pushbacks from senior management so that you have the necessary tools to argue for an increased investment

11:40 am Case Study: Addressing Alternative Technologies: Is Prefabrication the Right Option for My Project?


  • Highlighting the sustainability drivers for modular construction and prefabrication to evaluate whether it is the right option for my project
  • Uncovering what products are available and where prefabrication can be easily implemented to determine where to start
  • Strengthening relationships with manufacturers and designers to deliver consistent designs at a lower cost


12:20 pm Panel: Exploring the Future of Low-Carbon Construction & What’s on the Horizon?

  • Myrrh Caplan Senior Sustainability Director & National Lead for Community Involvement, Skanska
  • Nancy Kralik Sustainability Group Chair, Fluor
  • John Mlade Director, Sustainable and Healthy Environments, Wight & Company


  • Discussing the current trajectory for more sustainable construction and what needs to be done to accelerate this timeline
  • Uncovering the latest anticipated code changes to understand what this means for your future projects
  • Exploring the current challenges of low-carbon supply chains and construction processes and how the industry is evolving to meet increased demands

1:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Lana Crouse Regional Director, U.S. Market Transformation & Development, U.S. Green Building Council


2:00 pm End of Conference