2022 Pre-Conference Focus Day

10:00 am Registration and Coffee

10:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Maggie Olson Communications & Development Associate, Illinois Green Alliance

11:00 am Mapping Out Your Carbon Reduction Plan to Meet Your Triple Bottom Line

  • Joe Rozza Chief Sustainability Officer, Ryan Companies


  • Defining all stages of decarbonization to determine your true carbon output
  • Setting firmwide decarbonization targets to reduce the disconnect between project and company goals
  • Establishing standardized in-house best practices to ensure all project teams develop a sustainability plan for their projects
  • Integrating data collected into day-to-day decision-making to ensure carbon reduction becomes a company priority and informs financial decisions

12:00 pm

1:00 pm Improving Metric Baselining to Quantify & Track Embodied Carbon Effectively

  • Susan Heinking Vice President of High Performance & Sustainable Construction, Pepper Construction Group


  • Collating data on the developments of all jobsites to determine what data is missing and where carbon reduction needs to be prioritized
  • Rethinking the tracking of jobsite data to determine what truly impacts ESG targets and satisfies clients
  • Automating data collection to improve efficiency and mine more accurate data, whilst minimizing human error
  • Creating a reporting structure that holds departments accountable for tracking data accurately

2:00 pm Reporting Accurate Results to Clients & Investors to Achieve Your ESG Targets & Exceed Their Expectations

  • Myrrh Caplan Senior Sustainability Director & National Lead for Community Involvement, Skanska


  • Navigating the definitions of what is in Scope 1, 2 and 3: How can we expand to Scope 3?
  • Understanding the boundaries of building ownership to determine which project stakeholder is responsible for which greenhouse gas emissions
  • Streamlining reporting processes to capture all construction activity and corporate assets efficiently
  • Presenting information to your clients effectively to reassure stakeholders, clients and investors and demonstrate the sustainability of your organization

3:00 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Creating a Culture That Prioritizes Decarbonization to Embed Climate Change Issues Into Your Corporate Strategy

  • Ryan Poole Global Sustainability Leader, DPR Construction


  • Educating fieldworkers on your corporate sustainability expectations so that they prioritize carbon data collection alongside other tasks
  • Rewarding employees for choosing low-carbon options and proposing new ideas to incentivize decarbonization
  • Creating a culture whereby decarbonization is viewed alongside schedule, cost, and quality so that daily logging of data is normalized

4:30 pm Achieving Net-Zero of Our Operating Facilities by the End of 2023: Uncovering How We Are Reaching Our Sustainability Goal


  • Creating a roadmap to eliminate Scope 1 and Scope 2 absolute greenhouse gases
  • Exploring the most cost-effective approaches to reduce emissions across all offices globally
  • Evaluating the use of clean energy and renewable energy attributes
  • Understanding how to offset carbon: How do you get reputable offsets and how can you finance them?

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Maggie Olson Communications & Development Associate, Illinois Green Alliance

5:40 pm End of Focus Day