Optimizing Carbon Accounting to Meet Firmwide ESG & Sustainability Targets

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


Carbon accounting is often considered the most time-intensive element of sustainability. Not

least because of the complexity of collecting data from all stakeholders, but also because

identifying what data to collect and determining how meaningful said data is, is a challenge

in and of itself. So how do you benchmark carbon goals and expectations? How do you make

decisions on reductions? How do you quantify your emissions, and what frameworks you should be

using for carbon reporting? Attend this workshop to understand:

  • How to create a baseline for your organization’s carbon emissions and effectively set targets
  • How to form a cohesive method of tracking data and create a carbon reporting framework that can be utilized at all levels within your organization
  • How to use this data to make meaningful decisions and set goals on how to reduce company-wide carbon emissions